A Closer Look at Kubota’s New Largest Excavator, the KX080-5

Kubota, a name synonymous with top-notch construction equipment, proudly launched the new KX080-5 compact excavator at this year’s World of Concrete. This high-performance excavator retains the trusted specifications of its predecessor, but it is now equipped with an array of operating enhancements that maximize efficiency and operator comfort.

Boasting a sleek interior design, the KX080-5’s cab offers an improved working environment. Kubota has prioritized operator comfort, achieving a comfortable and quieter in-cab environment with a noise level reduced to just 72 decibels during operation. This attention to detail results in an optimal user experience, minimizing the fatigue often associated with heavy machinery operation.

Significant advancements have been made in the KX080-5’s hydraulic system. The integration of a two-pump load-sensing hydraulic system ensures smoother attachment operation. In addition, the hydraulic settings can be conveniently adjusted via the cabin’s digital panel, boosting operational flexibility. The automated open and close feature of the third line hydraulic return further adds to the operator-friendly nature of the machine.

The new contoured tail design of the KX080-5 offers tangible operational benefits. Sporting a shorter rear overhang, the excavator ensures increased stability, making it perfect for tight spaces and efficient transportation. It’s equipped with a standard thumb and relief valve for added versatility.

At the heart of the KX080-5 sits a powerful 66.6-horsepower Kubota engine. This potent heart powers the exciting features of the compact excavator, thereby ensuring reliable performance under various work conditions. Even better, the KX080-5 offers extended service intervals for the regeneration filter and ash cleaner, reducing the downtime and maintenance efforts.

With a hefty operating weight of 18,520 lbs, the KX080-5 brings impressive specifications to the fore. It promises a bucket breakout force of 14,660 lbs and demonstrates substantial digging capacities with a maximum dig height of 23’ 11.4”, a maximum dump height of 17’ 2.7”, and a maximum dig depth of 15’ 1.1”.

In conclusion, Kubota’s KX080-5 goes beyond being merely a piece of construction equipment. It stands as testimony to the brand’s commitment to continuous innovation, offering a blend of enhanced features and performance capabilities that meet the exacting demands of modern construction sites. It’s not just a compact excavator; it’s a powerful work partner built to deliver superior results. Stay tuned to our company for more updates and videos on the latest in construction equipment!

Fulian Operation Team


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