John Deere Launches New P-Tier Skid Steer and Compact Track Loader Models and Attachments

John Deere Launches Advanced P-Tier Skid-Steer and Compact Track Loaders

John Deere introduces an exciting update to its machinery lineup with the debut of five new P-Tier models, enhancing its offering of Skid-Steer Loaders (SSL) and Compact Track Loaders (CTL). The new models – 330 and 334 SSLs, along with 331, 333, and 335 CTLs – showcase significant advancements in design, technology, and functionality, aiming at increased operating power and operator efficiency.

Innovative Features and Enhanced Operator Experience

Redesigned Cab for Superior Comfort:
The P-Tier models feature a one-piece cab design focused on operator comfort, including a larger, completely redesigned operator station for improved productivity. Enhancements such as a sealed, pressurized, and isolated cab help reduce external noise and protect against the elements.

Advanced Control and Display Technologies:

  • An 8-inch premium touchscreen display, available across the P-Tier range, offers customizable machine settings and improved data visibility.
  • A new, premium heated and ventilated seat caters to comfort across diverse climates.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling enhances operator convenience.
  • The onboard Grade Indicate feature and optimized joystick controllers support precise machine control and adjustments.

Serviceability and Visibility Improvements:
A tilting cab design allows easy access to the machine’s internals, while a 20% increase in visibility improves safety and operational efficiency.

Revolutionary SmartGrade and Grade Control Features:

The 333 and 335 models can be equipped with John Deere SmartGrade technology, offering 2D grade control or 3D SmartGrade with Topcon, for heightened control and power on job sites.

Introducing New Technologies for Enhanced Performance:

  • Attachment Manager: This feature simplifies attachment performance optimization, saving preferences for John Deere attachments, thereby preventing damage from incorrect settings.
  • Surround View Technology: Provides a 270-degree view around the machine for increased awareness and safety, especially useful when reversing.

Continued Excellence with John Deere Operations Center:

All large-frame CTL and SSL models will include the John Deere Operations Center, allowing fleet managers to monitor key machine metrics effectively, aiding in maintenance and reducing potential downtime.

Expanded Attachment Offerings for Versatile Operations:

John Deere also announces the introduction of three new attachments – the CP40G Cold Planer and MK76 and MH72D Mulching Heads – designed to enhance job site capabilities. Updates to the Quick-Tatch system and design improvements ensure seamless attachment transitions, maximizing uptime and efficiency.


With the launch of its latest P-Tier models, John Deere once again sets a new standard in the construction equipment industry. These advancements in compact machinery not only bolster productivity and operator comfort but also emphasize John Deere’s commitment to innovation and customer-focused design. The added models and attachments are poised to meet and exceed the demands of the modern job site, offering a comprehensive solution for today’s construction challenges.

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