To Russia, Idlers for Wacker Neuson ET18 Shipped

In a significant stride towards strengthening international ties, a shipment of excavator undercarriage components, featuring idlers designed for Wacker Neuson ET18, has departed from China and is bound for Russia. This transaction not only represents a simple exchange of goods but lays the foundation for a robust and mutually beneficial partnership.

This shipment is more than the physical movement of components; it’s a testament to the trust established between our company and our partners in Russia. The choice of Wacker Neuson ET18 idlers from our product line emphasizes the commitment to quality and performance that defines our offerings. This collaborative effort to fulfill the machinery needs in Russia is a key step towards fostering long-term cooperation.

As these idlers embark on their journey to Russia, we see it not just as a delivery but as a bridge, connecting our manufacturing capabilities with the requirements of the Russian market. This marks the initiation of what we believe will be a lasting and prosperous collaboration between our two entities.

Fulian Operation Team


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