Volvo E-Series excavators ideal for tight spaces

Volvo E-Series Short Swing Excavators: Perfect for Tight Spaces

Volvo’s latest E-Series short swing excavators are grabbing attention, especially for those working in spaces where every inch counts. With models weighing 14-tonne (ECR145E), 23-tonne (ECR235E), and 35-tonne (ECR355E), they are designed to navigate and operate in the tightest of spaces without compromising on safety or efficiency.

Compact Design for Superior Safety and Efficiency

What sets these excavators apart is their innovative design. The combination of a narrow body and a centrally located boom allows these machines to work close to objects without the worry of rear damage during operation. This design significantly reduces the risk of damaging surrounding structures, making them ideal for urban constructions or any project with space constraints.

Hayden Grant, a product expert at CJD Equipment, explains how these machines make a big difference in safety. Their design allows for precise movements in confined areas where traditional excavators might struggle. By focusing on reducing the counterweight radius, these machines maintain their lifting capacity while offering more versatility.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient Performance

The Volvo E-Series doesn’t just stand out for its compact design. They also lead in eco-friendly performance. Equipped with Stage V engines, these excavators are noted for their fuel efficiency and low emissions. Since introducing Stage V engines in early 2019, Volvo has ensured that these engines not only comply with environmental regulations but also offer optimized power output for improved operational efficiency.

Each model in the E-Series ensures impressive productivity. For example, the ECR145E can dig over six meters deep and has a breakout force of more than 80 kiloNewtons (kN), making it perfect for tasks such as excavation and material handling. The ECR235E combines strength with agility for heavy-duty tasks, and the ECR355E is the powerhouse of the lineup, designed for the most demanding jobs with a digging depth of over eight meters and a breakout force of more than 150 kN.

Advanced Technology for Precision

One of the highlights of the E-Series is the optional Dig Assist technology. This part of the Volvo Co-Pilot system offers real-time guidance, ensuring tasks are completed with high precision. From trench digging to site leveling, Dig Assist minimizes errors and boosts productivity. The technology provides audio and visual alerts to operators once preset limits are reached, enhancing control and efficiency.

Dig Assist comes in three tiers, including a standard 2D package, In-Field Design (IFD), and a 3D option, offering choices for different project needs. With advanced GPS and RTK navigation, operators can achieve precise excavation outcomes without manual marking.

The Volvo Co-Pilot system also prioritizes operator comfort with an intuitive touchscreen that simplifies machine function management, boosting safety and workflow.

Supported Nationally by CJD Equipment

The reliability of the Volvo E-Series is reinforced by CJD Equipment’s comprehensive national support network. Their commitment to customer success ensures that operators can leverage the full potential of their Volvo excavators, making them a smart choice for any earthmoving or civil construction project.

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