Volvo Launches Next-Gen L30, L35 Compact Wheel Loaders

Volvo CE has introduced the latest versions of its small but mighty L30 and L35 wheel loaders, which are essentially big, powerful scoops on wheels used mainly in construction and farming to move large amounts of materials like dirt, gravel, and sand. These new models are all about working more quickly, maneuvering easily in tight spaces, and giving the operator a clear view of what’s happening around them.

To make life easier and more comfortable for the person operating the loader, Volvo has improved the inside of the cab with controls that are simpler to use and feel better in your hand. A standout new feature is the option to set up the machine to automatically position its arm and bucket to lift and dump materials at pre-set heights and angles. This is particularly useful for tasks that are repetitive, making the work less tiring and more accurate, even for those who aren’t as experienced with these machines.

The L30 model comes fitted with a smaller 1.3-cubic-yard bucket for scooping up materials, whereas the L35 model features a slightly larger 1.6-cubic-yard bucket. When it comes to lifting, the L30 can handle loads up to 2.4 tons, and the L35 can manage a bit more at 2.6 tons. Both of these loaders run on a robust 74-horsepower Volvo engine.

What’s more, the control system for the loaders’ arm movements has been made adjustable through a simple dial and screen system, allowing users to fine-tune the machine’s operations for different types of attachments or specific tasks. This customization, alongside independent hydraulic pumps, means operators can lift and turn without slowing down.

Adding attachments to the loaders has been simplified with a new plug system on the arm, which avoids the mess and fuss of extra wires. Comfort hasn’t been overlooked either, with adjustable seating, steering, and armrest, alongside improved access with wheel chocks being moved out of the way.

Other standard features include a cooling fan that changes its speed depending on the machine’s needs, heaps of sensors to keep an eye on the engine and cooling system, and a system to increase grip on slippery ground by adjusting the wheel motion and locking the wheels when necessary.

Volvo has also considered maintenance, with service points easily reachable from the ground and a digital system, CareTrack, which helps plan service checks, manage costs, and keep the machine running profitably.

Here are the quick details for both models:

  • L30: Has a 74 horsepower engine, can lug around a 1.3 cubic yard bucketful, and travels up to 19 mph.
  • L35: Similar engine but carts a bigger 1.6 cubic yard of material at the same max speed.

Both of these loaders are notable for their strength, speed, and the ability to be fine-tuned for various jobs, making them versatile tools in the world of construction and agriculture.

Fulian Operation Team


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