2022 sees a boom in new compact excavators

In the three months since 2022, several new compact excavators have been released.

Here are the six latest machines on the market and a concept electric excavator to be launched next year.

JCB expands its scope through 50z-1

JCB 50z-1 adopts 100% steel body and zero tail pendulum design, which can provide power and control in a narrow space. It runs on a 43.3 horsepower engine, which the company says provides programmable automatic idle, automatic engine stop and four different engine modes to reduce overall fuel consumption.

The 10583 pound machine has a digging depth of 12 feet 7 inches and a dumping height of 14 feet, which is a significant increase over its predecessor 48Z. The maximum range of the 50z-1 is 19 feet 8 inches.

Like JCB’s large X-Series excavators, the 50z-1 has a new 7-inch color display with an automotive rotary dial for screen navigation, including a screen health check by turning the key for the first time. The 50z-1 provides access to key machine information and operations through double lock hydraulic quick connect and tool selection, making accessory replacement easier.

According to the company, the cab on the 50z-1 is designed for operator comfort, floor area and reducing noise and vibration.

In terms of maintenance, JCB added convenient access to daily inspection points, made the H-type chassis easier to clean, and increased the lubrication interval to 500 hours to help improve productivity and reduce downtime.

kobelco compact excavator

Dig and travel faster with Kobelco

Kobelco’s latest models, the next generation sk55srx-7 and sk455rx-7, have the attributes of the performance x design concept of the company’s large excavator models.

They are packaged 6 feet 5 inches wide with a compact tail swing and can operate in confined spaces such as urban and residential workplaces. Each machine also runs a 37 horsepower Yangma diesel engine and is equipped with a thumb stand pre installed on the standard arm.

From the perspective of efficiency, in S mode (energy saving), the two excavators save 26% fuel than H mode, and the automatic deceleration switch is standard.

The standard counterweight model sk55srx-7 with a roof weighs 11817 pounds. With the cab, it weighs 12147 pounds. The standard arm length is 5 feet 7 inches, but for work that requires additional extension, you can specify a 6 feet 4 inches arm. Its maximum excavation height is 19 feet 6 inches of standard arm. On the ground, the sk55srx-7 reaches 20 feet and the maximum excavation depth is 12 feet and 9 inches.

Sk455rx-7 brings Shengang to the stage weighing 5 tons. The weight with a roof is 10030 pounds and the weight with a cab is 10300 pounds. Getting up and walking are provided by a 37 horsepower Yangma diesel engine. Using a standard arm of 5 feet 1 inch, you can reach a maximum height of 18 feet 10 inches. The maximum range of the ground is 18 feet 8 inches, and the excavation depth is 11 feet 3 inches.

kubota k008 5

Kubota provides small package power supply

With its two latest machines, u10-5 and k008-5, which will be launched this spring, Kubota has 13 compact excavator models, ranging from 1 to 8 tons. The position and mode of the control lever on the operating platform of all excavators of the company have been standardized.

Both the latest machines are powered by a 10.3 HP Kubota engine. Excavators are not usually known for speed, but the top speed of u10-5 and k008-5 is 2.5 mph. Each has easy access to the engine for routine maintenance and inspection.

The compact 2646 pound u10-5 mini excavator shines at the 2022 concrete world exhibition. The weight of u10-5 is 1 ton, the tail swing is almost zero, and the hydraulic adjustable track can move from 30 inches to 39 inches to enter the narrow space and optimize the excavation performance.

The machine provides first-class bucket digging force at nearly 2400 pounds per foot in 1 ton space. The excavation depth increased by 3 inches to 5 feet 11 inches compared with the previous generation, and the excavation range increased by 1 foot to 10 feet 11 inches.

The k008-5 traditional tail swing compact excavator of Kubota will replace the k008-3 model through a number of upgrades. The 2315 pound k008-5 provides a high power to weight ratio. The adjustable track width allows the excavator to pass through the narrow opening, or it can be widened to improve the stability during excavation. The track can be adjusted down to 2 feet 4 inches and widened to 2 feet 10 inches. The maximum excavation depth of k008-5 is 5 feet 8 inches, and the bucket excavation force is 2205 pounds.

takeuchi tb20e
takeuchi tb20e

Takeuchi launches new tb20e

Tb20e is the first battery powered machine designed and manufactured by Takeuchi and will become part of a full range of electric products under development.

The performance of tb20e is similar to Takeuchi’s diesel powered tb216 compact excavator. It is 100% battery powered and has zero exhaust emission. Noise and vibration are also reduced.

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