A Closer Look: Cat’s New 330 Straight Boom Demolition Excavator

Caterpillar has recently enhanced their lineup of demolition excavators with the addition of the new model, the Cat 330. Here are the quick specifications that highlight this machine’s capabilities:

The Cat 330 boasts a maximum pin height of 35 feet and 5 inches, which is exceptionally capable of taking down a three-story structure, and it extends 8 feet higher than the regular 330 model. It also offers an impressive ground-level reach of 36 feet and 9 inches. Under the hood, it’s powered by the robust Cat C7.1 engine, delivering 275 horsepower.

Operators can optimize the excavator’s performance thanks to three power modes: Smart, Power, and Eco. Structurally, the machine has a significant operating weight of 67,200 pounds, with a counterweight tipping the scales at 14,800 pounds.

The model is compatible with a myriad of demolition attachments, including hammers, multi-processors, grapples, and pulverizers. It can also accommodate quick couplers like the MP324 jaw and the HCS80 coupler, as demonstrated in the accompanying video.

Specific to demolition tasks, this excavator includes added protective elements and P5A laminated glass for enhanced durability of front and top windows, complete with washers and wipers for the top pane. Its track frame is designed to prevent accumulation of debris, and the undercarriage is well-guarded. The variety of medium-pressure circuits and quick-coupler options ensure suitability for several attachments. Reinforcements are found throughout the boom, stick, and frame, with additional protection for the bucket cylinder.

Cutting-edge, standard-fit Cat Payload technology is integrated when utilizing a bucket attachment, streamlining the loading process by preventing trucks from being overloaded or underloaded, just as efficiently as traditional excavation work. A straight travel pedal comes standard with an option to upgrade to joystick steering.

The Cat 330 SB is not just limited to demolition; it also doubles as an excavator with a digging depth capability of 19 feet and 1 inch. The next-generation cab places machine controls right in front of the operator, all of which can be customized via a 10-inch touchscreen, which also displays camera feeds from the standard rear-view and side-view cameras. For those who want more visual coverage, a 360-degree camera is available as an option, as is the Cat Grade with 2D for excavation projects.

Inclusion of technologies like VisionLink, Cat Product Link, Remote Troubleshoot, and Cat Command enhances operational efficiency by facilitating remote excavator operation, managing production targets, diagnostics, and operational data collection.

An interesting highlight pointed out by Kool is Caterpillar’s commitment to transportation convenience. The total weight of the Cat 330 is kept at a level that, when combined with an attachment and coupler, it can usually be transported on a single trailer without the need for special permits in most locations.

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