CASE Releases New Machines and Equipment Upgrades

In a trailblazing move, CASE Construction Equipment has rolled out an impressive array of new models and upgrades, aimed at injecting unparalleled versatility and agility into the construction sector. Amidst a climate of labor shortages dwindling the workforce, CASE’s latest innovations emerge as a beacon of productivity, designed to navigate the hurdles of modern construction with unmatched efficiency and profitability.

Terry Dolan, the Vice President for North America at CASE, encapsulates the essence of this leap forward, highlighting the company’s commitment to outfitting construction crews with tools that redefine the standards of maneuverability and output. “In these testing times, our innovations stand as a testament to CASE’s resolve to empower our clients to thrive despite the hurdles,” Dolan remarked.

At the forefront of this new lineup are three groundbreaking Construction King backhoe loaders, a nimble 5-tonne class mini excavator, and an advanced, full-sized wheel loader. Not stopping there, CASE breathes new life into its existing fleet with upgrades that promise to slash maintenance woes and elevate operational ease. Noteworthy among the enhancements are emissions solutions that bid adieu to maintenance headaches and linkage optimisations for compact wheel loaders. Moreover, the CASE H Series all-terrain forklifts now boast enclosed cab options, offering operators comfort without compromise.

The innovation does not end here. The newly unveiled CASE Construction King backhoe loaders are a marvel in flexibility, with side-shift capabilities that allow the boom to glide left or right, making work around barriers or close to walls a breeze. The 97-hp CASE 580SV and the more robust 110-hp CASE 695SV side-shift, along with the 695SV center-pivot, mark significant additions to the reputable N Series, inheriting and enhancing features like ProControl swing dampening and auto ride control for fuel economy advancements.

George MacIntyre, CASE’s backhoe loaders product manager, envisions the new side-shift models as pioneers in operational flexibility. “They redefine what it means to navigate confined spaces and tight corners, ensuring precision and power where it counts,” MacIntyre stated. This sentiment echoes through the design of the CASE 580SV side shift, which, with its tool carrier design, offers unparalleled stability and material handling in narrow situations. Meanwhile, the CASE 695SV models, with their versatile loader arm, are adept at tackling hefty tasks with the finesse of a wheel loader, thanks to their 4WD, four-wheel steer, and equal-sized tires complemented by a PowerShift transmission.

In a nutshell, CASE Construction Equipment’s latest offerings and upgrades underscore a dedicated pursuit of innovation designed to meet the evolving needs of the construction industry. With a keen eye on efficiency, convenience, and versatility, CASE continues to pave the way for a future where construction challenges are met with smart, adaptable solutions.

Fulian Operation Team


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