CE of Volvo reveals EC27D excavator: The swing is short and the power is great

Volvo construction equipment updated its 2.7 ton compact excavator model, saying it represented a versatile and powerful conceptual package. Volvo ec27d uses a 20.9 horsepower Volvo D1.1 engine with passive regeneration function, the company said, Volvo EC27D has 9,600 pounds of digging force and “Impressive”lifting capacity, added, it is similar in size to the ECR25D short swing model but offers greater power and stability than the machine.

Although the new machine uses 5% less fuel and 30% less horsepower than its predecessor, the EC27D maintains the same breakthrough (5,528 lb.-ft.) And pulls out (4,060 lb-ft) of force. The machine comes standard with a 2.6 cubic foot bucket, but can be paired with a wide range of Volvo mini excavator accessories via pin-grasping mechanical quick couplers.

While a rops fops canopy comes standard, Vlv’s nursing cab is an optional EC27D and offers 360 degree visibility, adequate storage and “Excellent”noise and vibration isolation. The machine offers “Responsive control and optimized hydraulic systems”and an automatic two-speed driving system, Vlv said.

This drive system allows the operator to continuously drive the machine at high speed, while still allowing the machine to automatically slow down when more traction is required. The arm offset and auxiliary hydraulic flow settings are controlled through the fingertip, while the joystick allows the operator to set any attachment for maximum hydraulic flow.

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