Hitachi Upgrades Six-Model Lineup of ZAXIS-5N Compact Excavators

Step right up, folks, and feast your eyes on the latest iron-clad marvels of the modern age—Hitachi’s ZAXIS-5N compact excavators! These are not your granddaddy’s diggers; oh no, this line-up is the Cadillac of compact earth-movers, dialed up from 1.7 to 6 tons of pure, unadulterated grunt.
Now picture this: the ZX17U-5N, ZX26U-5N, ZW30U-5N (not to be confused with a secret agent’s code), the robust ZX35U-5N, the mighty ZX50U-5N, and the king of compact, the ZX60USB-5N. Trust me, these bad boys squeeze into urban jungles tighter than a clown car at a circus show.

Under the hood? Oh, nothing special—just Yanmar diesel engines with horsepower figures that’d make a thoroughbred jealous, ranging from a spritely 14.7 to a thunderous 53.8 net horsepower. Coupled with Hitachi’s magical hydraulic systems for that sweet, sweet optimal performance, these machines flex their muscles with tail swing radii that spell a big “U” and “USB” (seems like everything’s got USB these days).
But hold your horses! Hitachi’s decided that one size does not fit all. Nope, they’re giving us power/economy work modes for those 3 to 6-ton mechanical beasts. The power mode’s got the gusto for the tough stuff, while the economy mode’s like sipping mint juleps on the porch—easy on the fuel, easy on the ears.
And for the cherry on top, the auto-idling system in the bigger models is like having a snooze button for your excavator—saving fuel, sparing the air, and keeping the peace all in one.
Kei Matsumoto, grandmaster of compact excavators over at Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas, tips his hat and says, “Our hydraulic system is like a finely tuned orchestra for fuel efficiency, and it’s nimbler than a cat burglar. We’re dishing out these mechanical masterpieces to keep our customers happy, hardworking, and, of course, safe.”

Looks like Hitachi’s old partnership with John Deere is done; they’ve unfriended and moved on, now delivering the ZX50U-5N and ZX26U-5N straight to America’s doorstep.
And get this—the latest and greatest upgrades include a five-stage auxiliary flow rate changer for the big kids in the group, making the ZX50U-5N and up as versatile as a Swiss Army knife. Blade floats, LED lights to turn night into day, and a USB power outlet to keep your devices juiced up—it’s all in there.
They’ve even made hooking up new toys a breeze with standard hydraulic lines and an AFL (that’s ‘auxiliary function lever’ for the uninitiated) that comes with more switches than a rocket cockpit. Plus, an added dozer blade for when you’ve gotta smooth things out.
Sum it all up, and what you’ve got is the ZAXIS-5N series—Hitachi’s Swiss Army excavators that can dance around tight spots, sip fuel like it’s high tea, and strut their stuff with more bells and whistles than a Mardi Gras parade. So, if you’re looking to power through your workload with the grace of a ballerina and the strength of a bear, Hitachi’s got you covered!

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