JCB launches biggest X Series crawler excavator with 370X

Renowned for propelling the industry forward, JCB continues its tradition with the grand introduction of the 370X—a towering giant and powerhouse in the X Series range of tracked excavators. Tailored for the heavy-lifting needs of the 35-40 tonne sector, the 370X enhances JCB’s impressive lineup, promising advancements in productivity, durability, and reliability.

Beginning with a clean-slate design, the new 370X stays true to the celebrated X-Series DNA. Beyond its impressive ability to move 4.5 tonnes more material per litre of fuel compared to its rivals, the new machine presents a formidable stage V/T4F 240kW (322hp) diesel engine. This powerplant not only outperforms its predecessor by 14% but also does it with style, nestled within a cab featuring a state-of-the-art JCB UX user interface, complete with a 10-inch colour touchscreen.

Paul Swallow, the business head of excavators, underscores the stride the 370X represents: “Crafting a symphony of power and efficiency, the JCB 370X advances the 35-40 tonne division. Synthesizing comfort with control, the excavator is not merely a vehicle but a comprehensive heavy-duty solution meeting the demands of diverse markets globally.”

At the heart of this technologic marvel sits the Cummins L9 diesel engine, adhering to EU Stage V and EPA Tier 4 Final compliances. This six-cylinder powerhouse provides an ample 240kW (322hp) at a low rpm, ensuring peak performance whilst maintaining economy and tranquil operation. A Tier 2 engine variant accommodates regions outside stringent emission requirements.

Sculpted to surpass, the new Kawasaki hydraulic pump and valve block harmonize to set new efficiency standards. Factor in a hydraulically-driven fan with a reverse function, and the 370X’s potential to move material with minimized fuel usage soars—a competitive edge honed by careful engineering. The excavator’s heft, backed by an enlarged counterweight and robust structures, promises steadfast stability and formidable digging force.

Complementing the powerful monoboom, optional heavy-duty dippers fortify the 370X for the most gruelling tasks. Coupled with increased bucket pin diameter and a new JCB dual pin quickhitch, the machine’s flexibility and capacity rise impressively.

Operator sanctuary is paramount in the JCB Command Plus ROPS cab, where spaciousness and silence create a working haven. A new interactive 10-inch touchscreen display with JCB UX invites effortless control. Additionally, customizable keys, climate control, radio, and advanced camera systems validate the 370X as a paragon of modern excavator design.

The 370X does not merely perform; it communicates, relaying real-time fluid monitoring alongside extended service intervals, ensuring relentless operation. An array of modes cater to the needs of digging, lifting, or maximising economy, with fuel-saving auto-stop and auto-idle features integrated as standard.

Bespoke customization options for the 370X are ample, from auxiliary hydraulics configurations to luxury operator seats and LED lighting arrays. Coupled with JCB’s INTELLIGRADE technology and a comprehensive 360° camera system, the 370X is not only an excavator—it embodies exactitude, safety, and adaptability.

Wrapped in JCB’s hallmark design—a fusion of robust construction and intuitive ergonomics—the 370X extends its legacy. With heavy-duty service doors and resilient handrails, each detail is a testament to an unyielding resolve: enabling operators to exceed the demands of today while shaping the terra firma of tomorrow.

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