Link-Belt 220 X4S Excavator

Link-Belt has launched the 220 X4S excavator, designed to handle heavy-duty digging and construction tasks at outdoor jobsites. This robust machine is propelled by a 160-horsepower Isuzu turbocharged diesel engine and boasts an operating weight of 49,200 pounds. With a substantial maximum digging depth of 21 feet and 10 inches and a top travel speed of 3.5 mph, the 220 X4S is crafted for efficiency and power.


Adam Woods, LBX’s general manager of Innovation and Product Portfolio Strategies, highlights that the new X4S line offers a notable performance boost, with up to 17% more engine horsepower and a 19% improvement in fuel economy compared to its predecessor. Yet, the innovations don’t end there. The X4S introduces the WAVES (Wide Angle Visual Enhancement System) as a standard feature, granting operators a sweeping 270-degree bird’s-eye view to enhance job site awareness significantly.

The 220 X4S comes standard with an array of technologies, including dynamic stability control, a payload, height, and depth alarm, a digital level, and RemoteCARE communication enabled by a dual band modem for remote monitoring. It also features Custom Flow Balance technology, customizable joystick buttons, and multiple work modes to optimize performance.

Inside the newly designed cab, operators will find a high level of comfort and customization. The cab includes a 10-inch display that shows the status of the excavator’s components and provides a view of the surrounding area. Operators are treated to a high-back seat with amenities such as air suspension, tilt, and heating, as well as adjustable armrests, headrests, seat height, and lumbar support tailored to their preferences.

Link-Belt’s commitment to efficiency and productivity is further manifested in the four new work modes, Trimble-ready components, and a precision grade-ready specification, showcasing the attention to detail that is characteristic of the X4S’s design, aimed at meeting the high standards expected by the company’s clientele.

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