New Holland Construction adds to small articulate loader portfolio

New Holland Construction is introducing two exciting additions to their lineup of small articulated loaders (SAL) – the ML35T and ML50T models. These new models are here to make your work on the construction site a lot easier and more efficient, especially when you need that extra reach to move or load materials.

Dan Kakareka, a product manager at New Holland Construction, shares that these machines are built to get more work done with less hassle. They’re reliable and perform excellently, making tough jobs seem simple and helping you hit your project goals faster.

What’s great about the ML35T and ML50T models is their smart design. They’re compact, have a low profile to easily get under things, and they don’t mess up the ground much thanks to how evenly they spread their weight. This means you can neatly sneak through tight spots without leaving a trail of destruction.

The cool thing about these loaders is their telescopic boom, which is like having a built-in extendable arm. This feature lets you reach higher and farther than regular loaders, making it easier to deal with jobs at various heights. Both models boast a hinge pin height of about 170 inches, allowing you to lift materials quite high.

These loaders aren’t just strong; they’re also smart with their fuel use. Powered by Stage V certified engines, with 65 hp for the ML35T and an even punchier 74 hp for the ML50T, they’re designed to work hard without gulping down fuel. Plus, with a universal attachment coupler, they can team up with a whole bunch of different tools, from cleaning brushes to snowblowers, making them super versatile.

New Holland didn’t forget about safety, either. Both models have got you covered with ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) certifications, plus extra safety features like alarms, lights, and LED beacons to keep you safe on the job.

Another cool feature of the ML50T is its front oscillation joint. This means the front of the loader can move up and down independently from the back, which helps keep all four wheels on the ground even when the terrain gets rough. This not only makes for a smoother ride but also adds to the machine’s stability.

Dan Kakareka emphasizes that they’ve really focused on making these loaders comfortable and safe for operators who spend a lot of time in them. They want to make sure you can do your work not just effectively but also comfortably.

Excited about trying out these new models? They’ll be hitting New Holland Construction dealerships all over North America from June 1. Whether you’re loading trucks, moving materials, or anything in between, the ML35T and ML50T are designed to make your job a whole lot easier.

Fulian Operation Team


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