Volvo unveils new series of excavators

Volvo Construction Equipment is rolling out a fresh line of powerful excavators that come packed with updates aimed at doing the job better and faster, all while being kinder to the pocket and the planet. The first to join the lineup in North America are the ECR145, EC210, EC230, EC370, EC400, and EC500 models, and they promise more siblings will follow soon.

Scott Young, a bigwig at Volvo CE in North America, is brimming with pride over these new machines. He says they’ve really listened to what customers want and these excavators are chock-full of improvements that buyers have been asking for. Volvo is all about boosting the success of its customers, and with these upgrades, operators are going to find their jobs smoother and more enjoyable.

These fresh-from-the-factory crawlers are designed to gulp down less fuel by up to 15 percent, thanks to some nifty tweaks in their systems like a smarter way of handling heat and a clever tech that gives the engine more oomph without needing to rev as much. This means operators can get more done without watching the fuel gauge drop too quickly, saving money and giving the Earth a little love at the same time.

There’s a whole bunch of hydraulic enhancements that make handling these beasts a real joy. They move like butter, giving you all the control you need, whether you’re handling delicate tasks or taking on the tough stuff. They also come with a special “creep mode” that, along with some other cool settings, helps keep spills to a minimum when carrying loads, even on slopes.

Sejong Ko, who oversees the large excavators at Volvo CE, knows that their customers are counting their pennies, especially when it comes to fuel. He’s excited that these new models are real money-savers, and they’re better for the environment too. That’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

The visibility game is strong with these excavators, too. They have this awesome tech called Volvo Smart View with Obstacle Detection, which is basically like having eyes in the back of your head. It keeps track of everything around you, making sure you and everyone else stays safe.

Volvo says you won’t need to bother with hydraulic oil changes as often, which is another load off your shoulders and your schedule. With the new excavators, you’re looking at a hydraulic oil life that’s twice as long as before.

But wait, there’s more – these upgrades aren’t just about digging and lifting. The insides are tricked out to make sure you’re sitting pretty and staying productive. You’ve got a better seat, cooler air, and even a spot to support your feet when you’re working on uneven land. Starting the engine is a breeze with no keys to fumble with – just push a button and vroom!

What’s more, your side mirrors now come with a heater for those frosty mornings, there’s a charging spot for your phone, and even a little compartment to keep your lunch warm or your drinks cold. They’ve thrown in extra bits to block the sun and more pockets for storing your stuff. For safety, there are extra handrails and better-placed steps to avoid any missteps. And, they’ve even thought about little details like making sure you can easily check the levels of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) to keep those emissions clean.

The bottom line: Volvo’s new excavator series is more than just a bunch of fancy additions; it’s about making your day on the job as stress-free and efficient as it can be. You can catch these earth-movers in action at your local Volvo Construction Equipment dealers starting right now. They’re made to tackle every challenge and make sure you’re doing it in style and comfort.

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