PD Developments adds first wheeled machine to their fleet

A company called PD Developments in Manchester has improved its work by getting a new HD Hyundai wheeled excavator. Damian O’Grady and Paul Lackey run the business, and this is their first wheeled machine.

Damian says they’ve rented similar machines before, and they’re great because they can move around easily on a work site, lift things, and also dig – very useful all-round.

PD Developments began three years ago, and it started by renting machines for different building projects around the North-West area. Their first purchase was a 9-tonne HD Hyundai. Now, they own 10 excavators and some dump trucks used on construction sites.

Damian likes working with HES Enterprises, the local dealer where they buy their machines. They usually have machines ready to buy and they provide good service for all their Hyundai equipment.

The operator of the new machine, Jim Gallagher, says it’s comfortable and he likes the camera system that lets him see all around. The excavator is powerful and can lift heavy things without tipping over, even when reaching out far.

PD Developments works on construction projects like making parking spaces in Liverpool Docks and building foundations for factories and warehouses. They have a lot of work now, but they’re willing to travel further to take on more projects in the future.

“The future looks good,” says Damian.

About the HD Hyundai’s HW150A CR excavator: It’s part of a new series of machines from 6 to 21 tonnes. It’s a bit over 17 tonnes and the design is compact, great for cities or small spaces. It runs on a clean diesel engine and has a system to treat exhaust fumes.

This machine has a smart hydraulic system for doing different tasks at the same time and is strong when it comes to lifting. It has extra supports and a blade to make it even more stable for lifting heavy things. It’s also ready to be attached to trailers and set up with 2D or 3D control systems. Customers can choose from different arm lengths and either a monoboom or a two-piece boom.

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