The Komatsu PC490HRD-11 excavator arrives in North America

The PC490HRD-11 excavator is designed to adapt swiftly to varying work requirements. Komatsu’s in-built K100 boom change system is an innovative addition that features oversized quick connectors for hydraulic lines. These connectors are engineered to reduce back pressure and oil heating while maintaining optimal oil flow. What’s more, the system boasts hydraulically operated pins neatly tucked within the main boom structure to lessen damage risks.

This state-of-the-art K100 system empowers operators to modify the boom setup conveniently on-site within mere minutes, directly from the comfort of the cab, eliminating the dependence on external assistance.

Operators are guided by a user-friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI), accessible via the machine’s touchscreen, that provides helpful alignment instructions for the work equipment. The impressive part is that all connections – whether they be mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical – are made automatically.

The PC490HRD-11 excavator’s undercarriage can extend hydraulically, enabling track adjustment to support both transportation needs and working conditions. The innovatively designed tilting cab is another feature; it allows operators to find the best vantage point by adjusting its position through the controllers. Offering versatility, the PC490HRD-11 comes equipped with six distinct work configuration options, which include a boom extension for that extra reach or an elongated digging boom for depth.

Comfort and efficiency are ingrained in every aspect of the demolition excavator. The operator station boasts a full air-suspension system, complemented by a remarkably quiet operational design and wrist controller-mounted auxiliary controls for ease of use. For enhanced visibility, the excavator is fitted with KomVision, a system that relies on high-definition cameras positioned strategically on the excavator to broadcast a real-time aerial view of the site directly to the widescreen monitor in the cab.

At the recent Demolition San Antonio event, Komatsu provided a sneak peek into the specialized demolition specification for the 257-hp PC360LC-11 excavator. This version, made specifically for demolition projects, is set to hit the North American market in the upcoming year, heralding a new era of efficiency and adaptability in heavy-duty excavation equipment.

Fulian Operation Team


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