To New Zealand, Idlers for Hitachi EX100-1, Carrier Rollers and Track Rollers for Hitachi ZX200-5 Dispatched

A significant shipment of excavator undercarriage components has commenced its journey from China to New Zealand, marking the completion of a robust trade process. This batch proudly includes premium Idlers tailored for the Hitachi EX100-1 model and Carrie, along with Track Rollers designed for the Hitachi ZX200-5, exemplifying the intricate coordination between manufacturing precision and logistical expertise.

Securing the deal required meticulous negotiations, reflecting a growing trend of cross-border commercial partnerships. The trade agreement embodies a keen understanding of New Zealand’s construction equipment needs, and leverages China’s capacity to produce high-quality excavator parts that cater to this demand.

What deserves notable mention is the tenacity with which our team transcended linguistic barriers, bridging the gap between cultures with eloquent communication and mutual understanding. Together, we harmonized the stringent quality expectations shared between us and our Oceania associates—a clear reflection of our overarching objective to exceed client satisfaction through unparalleled service and dedication.

As the shipment makes its way to the shores of New Zealand, it signifies not just the transfer of goods but also the successful fusion of international commerce and industry-specific acumen. This delivery stands testament to the enduring relationships built through trade, while also contributing to the infrastructural developments anticipated in New Zealand.

Fulian Operation Team


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