JCB rolls out new models of ‘world-beating’ backhoe loaders, excavators

In a landmark event that further cements its industry-leading status, JCB celebrates the introduction of the newly updated 3CX range of backhoe loaders along with the launch of robust, heavy-duty excavators exclusively for the Middle East market. The launch, which was the focal point of a prestigious ceremony in Dubai, featured the unveiling of the 3CX, 3CX Plus, and 3CX PRO models—a testament to JCB’s continued innovation and strength in the global construction equipment sector.

The event, set against the picturesque backdrop of the Jebel Ali Resort, was much more than a showcase; it was a declaration of JCB’s enduring commitment to excellence in backhoe loader production. Executives stressed the company’s pioneering approach to machinery design, highlighting the profound legacy of the 3CX range as the backbone of its success.

The newly refined 3CX model is the epitome of reliability powered by a robust 55kW naturally-aspirated diesel engine. Emphasizing simplicity and effectiveness, it features a fixed dipper arm and manual controls. The versatility of this model is enhanced with the option for either a general-purpose (GP) or a six-in-one front shovel configuration.

The 3CX Plus brings to the table a more potent 68kW turbocharged engine, paired with a choice of a fixed or extending dipper arm, further complemented by a GP or six-in-one front shovel and practical flip-over forks. A staple standard feature, the 3CX Plus proudly showcases a new integrated HVAC system for optimal operator comfort.

At the apex of the range, the 3CX PRO boasts advanced technology and unparalleled comfort with the pioneering inclusion of seat-mounted servo controls—a first for the range and a game-changer for operator experience. Sharing the same engine and auxiliary options as the 3CX Plus, the 3CX PRO elevates machinery control to new levels of precision and ease.

Reinforcing the 3CX series’ advancements, key features such as the new ROPS/FOPS cab, an all-in-one loader lever with integrated directional control, and ergonomic seat-mounted joystick controls (now standard on PRO models) mark a significant leap in operational refinement. With environmentally conscious fuel-saving technologies and JCB’s LiveLink telematics for comprehensive fuel monitoring, the 3CX range sets a new precedent in backhoe efficiency and connectivity.

During the unveiling, Richard Brooks, JCB’s Group Product Innovation Director, remarked on the dedication encapsulated within the sophisticated range, “This significant investment by JCB solidifies our resolution to lead the future of backhoe loader market evolution. These machines are engineered to not only meet but exceed the dynamic needs of modern operators.”

Celebrating a monumental 70 years of the backhoe loader, a cornerstone of the construction industry’s machinery lineup, JCB honors its heritage through cutting-edge design and the integration of multipurpose functionality, robustness, and efficiency—a true ‘master of all trades’.

Simultaneous to the 3CX series, JCB introduced the JS385LC HD excavator, tailored for the harshest operating environments of mining and civil engineering sectors. Building on the JS370’s acclaim, the JS385LC HD promises peak reliability with its strengthened framework. The machine’s prowess is driven by JCB’s formidable six-cylinder Dieselmax 672 engine, ensuring that each task is tackled with unmatched power and torque.

Equipped with superior Japanese hydraulic components and a versatile operating system that accommodates various digging and lifting conditions, the JS385LC HD is engineered to redefine expectations of heavy-duty excavation. With an eco-efficient hydraulic system that recycles energy and maximizes fuel economy, the JS385LC HD stands as a paragon of JCB’s commitment to sustainable, powerful, and resilient construction machinery.

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