To New Zealand, Track Groups, Track Rollers, Top Rollers, Idlers and Sprockets for Yanmar VIO40-2 Delivered

Today, we dispatched a shipment of premium excavator undercarriage components, specifically designed for the Yanmar VIO40-2, from China to New Zealand. This batch includes essential components like Track Groups, Track Rollers, Top Rollers, Idlers, and Sprockets, tailored to meet the stringent standards of Yanmar machinery.

Crafted with precision at our manufacturing facility, these components epitomize durability and reliability, ensuring optimal performance in various terrains. The Yanmar VIO40-2 series demands nothing short of excellence, and our shipment emphasizes our commitment to meeting these stringent expectations.

This delivery showcases our dedication to providing top-notch excavator components, reinforcing our presence in the New Zealand market. We strive to continue being a reliable partner, catering to the diverse needs of the Yanmar machinery community in New Zealand.

Fulian Operation Team


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