Volvo + Skanska piloted a huge electric excavator in LA – here’s how it went

The Volvo EC230 Electric excavator, an innovation that has been turning heads, has commenced its maiden job on a charming stud farm in France, alongside the seasoned team at Bouygues Travaux Publics Régions France. This exciting collaboration paves the way towards a revolutionary emissions-free construction industry, championing eco-friendly initiatives at the site of an expansive stud farm project nestled in the bucolic Poissy region near Paris.
Gleaming with novelty, the EC230 stands out as France’s pioneering electric excavator to grace the job site. It triumphantly rises to the occasion, offering a harmoniously low-noise solution accompanied by zero exhaust emissions, as it skillfully carves trenches and meticulously fine-tunes platforms and embankments amidst the initial surge of substantial earth-moving feats integral to erecting the vast stud farm.

This venture aligns with both Volvo CE and Bouygues TP’s bold climate aspirations, which have been robustly validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). Aiming for a carbon-neutral tapestry across their value chain by 2040, Volvo CE has thrown down the gauntlet, while Bouygues TP counters by pledging a 40% emissions reduction across Scope 1 and 2, complemented by a 20% cut across Scope 3 by the year 2030.
Elodie Guyot, the electrification aficionado heading Volvo CE’s Electromobility Solutions in Europe, emphasized the synergy between the two companies, lauding Bouygues TP’s parallel ambitions and shared vision of decarbonizing construction zones.
A stone’s throw from Paris’s urban sprawl, the stud farm poses the ideal proving grounds for Bouygues TP’s adept equipment handlers, who are gleefully pushing the EC230 Electric’s capabilities. Thanks to its charging chameleon-like traits, flipping seamlessly between AC “slow” charging and DC fast charging through the local electric vehicle grid, this state-of-the-art machinery is becoming an unintrusive yet powerhouse performer, matching—or indeed surpassing—the efficacy of its diesel ancestors.

It’s a seldom-spoken truth that the electric juggernauts of construction and agriculture were once hamstrung by L2 charging limits. But Volvo CE, with its lineage tied closely to Volvo Cars, has expertly navigated the fast-charging frontier, outpacing the competition and securing a fleeting but advantageous lead. It’s these strides that bolster Volvo’s competitive tether, at least for the present horizon.

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