Why does the rubber track of the excavator fall off?

Rubber tracks can detach from a vehicle for several reasons, and it’s often a combination of factors that can lead to this problem. Here is a breakdown in simple terms:

Wear and Tear:
Like any part of a machine, rubber tracks experience wear over time. The rubber can become brittle and crack, especially if the machine operates in harsh environments. When the tracks wear down enough, they can’t grip the wheels and sprockets as tightly, which may cause them to come off.

Improper Tension:
Rubber tracks need to be properly tensioned. If they’re too tight, they can snap under the pressure; if they’re too loose, they can easily slip off the wheels. Think of it like a bicycle chain – if it’s not adjusted right, it can fall off when you’re riding.

The tracks must align with the wheels and sprockets correctly. Misalignment can be caused by worn-out parts or poor installation. If the tracks don’t sit right, they can edge off to one side and eventually detach.

Sometimes, debris like rocks or branches can get caught in the track or the undercarriage, prying the rubber track off the wheels. Regular inspections to remove such debris can prevent this issue.

Driving Technique:
Aggressive driving can also contribute to rubber tracks coming off. Sharp turns or rapidly reversing direction can put a lot of strain on the tracks, leading to detachment.

To sum up, rubber tracks can detach due to wear and tear, improper tension, misalignment, obstructions, and driving technique. Regular maintenance, careful operation, and proper installation can go a long way to prevent this issue. Checking the condition of tracks, ensuring they are clean, correctly tensioned, and aligned will help keep everything running smoothly.

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