Case reveals TV370 CTL, extends C-Series excavator product group with CX30C

Earlier this year, case construction equipment unveiled six new mini excavators, the seventh CX30C at the relay + Expo in Louisville, Ky. . Designed for small and medium sized courtyards, the CX30C weighs 6,020 pounds and has a digging capacity of 4,520 pounds.

Powered by a 24.8 horsepower four-stage final engine, the mini excavator can handle challenging sites but is small enough to enter and work in a limited area. It can also be towed by a minivan without the need for CDL (check local and national regulations) . Like the rest of the CSERIES models, this machine has an adjustable offset arm with better maneuverability and zero-tail swing design features.

The CX30C offers an automatic shift travel system that improves the operator’s comfort while moving over ever-changing terrain. Standard features include an auxiliary flow diverter valve that allows users to switch accessories between one-way and two-way flow. The CAB has adjustable seats, Ergonomic controls and improved visibility of the digital display.

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