Hitachi begins taking orders for the ZW310-7 wheel loader

Introduction to the ZW310-7 Loader:
Hitachi’s ZW310-7, a 24.5-tonne loader, is a significant addition to the groundbreaking ZW-7 series unveiled at ConExpo 2023. Equipped with a potent 312 hp engine, it boasts a spacious bucket capacity ranging from 4.2 to 4.7 cubic meters.

Enhanced Operator Comfort and Productivity:
Understanding the vital role of operator comfort, Hitachi engineers have meticulously crafted the cabin of the ZW310-7 to ensure an enjoyable and less tiring operating experience. Matt Koester, Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas’ Wheel Loader Product Manager, emphasizes the extensive efforts to refine the cab for optimal comfort, including an upgraded pressurized and quieter work environment with convenient seat-mounted controls.

Base and Premium Models:
The loader is available in two variants: a standard base model and a superior premium model. Both come equipped with a heated air ride seat that’s fully adjustable. Accompanying features like a seat-mounted armrest and intuitive electric over hydraulic controls can be adjusted to suit operators of different statures.

Intelligent Features for Precision and Control:
The Approach Speed Control feature allows operators to regulate the loader’s maximum speed during loading operations. Additionally, a payload checker enables precise logging and weighing of materials handled. The Power-up function smartly predicts the power needed for different tasks.

Exclusive Premium Model Additions:
The premium model stands out with the Aerial Angle camera system, delivering a comprehensive 270-degree overhead perspective of the loader’s surroundings for enhanced safety and maneuverability.

Technical Advancements for Superior Performance:
Upgrades also encompass a limited-slip differential for better grip, a four-speed powershift transmission, and a lockup torque converter for improved traction.

Maintenance and Operational Efficiency:
To reduce the hassle of maintenance, the ZW310-7 features an automatically reversing fan and wide-fin radiators as a standard to prevent blockages, along with easily reachable filters and accessible components.

Futuristic Monitoring with ConSite Air:
Furthermore, the ConSite Air system allows for remote monitoring of the loader’s status, sending timely maintenance alerts. It enables remote diagnostics and firmware updates, while the ConSite response team collaborates with dealers to swiftly address any arising issues, keeping projects on track.

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