Mecalac Offers Telescopic Wheel Loader to Improve Stability, Mobility in Material Handling Applications

Introducing the AT1050: A Masterclass in Engineering Efficiency
The AT1050 telescopic loader emerges as a game-changer within the AT Series, ingeniously melding the reliability of a rigid chassis front loader with the agility of an articulated loader. Catering specifically to the construction, landscaping, recycling, and composting sectors, the AT1050 seamlessly integrates multiple functionalities, including material handling and loading.

Unparalleled Compactness and Agility: The AT1050’s Competitive Edge
The AT1050 distinguishes itself with a rare combination of compact design and rapid operation. Its rigid chassis maintains the machine’s equilibrium and center of gravity, ensuring stability even through sharp turns. This model boasts four-wheel steering for exceptional maneuverability across various work environments, as highlighted by the manufacturer.

Revolutionary Steering Modes and Chassis Design
Operators can leverage three steering modes: two-wheel steer for high-speed travel, four-wheel steer for navigating sharp corners, and crab steer for diagonal movements, facilitating close positioning to walls or barriers. The rigid chassis design ensures no loss in capacity while turning, unlike traditional articulated loaders which might see up to a 30% reduction in turning capacity.

Speed Meets Stability in the AT1050
The AT1050 is designed for both stability and speed. Its ability to maneuver within a 12 ft. 2 in. radius sets it apart from standard telehandlers which require more space.

A Blend of Telehandler Reach and Wheel Loader Efficiency
The AT1050 encapsulates the best of both worlds – the reach of a telehandler and the trenching ability of a wheel loader, eliminating the need for multiple machines on congested sites. Thanks to Mecalac’s hydraulic quick coupler, transitioning between attachments such as forks, buckets, grapples, and sweepers becomes effortless.

Peter Bigwood on the Unmatched Versatility of the AT1050
Peter Bigwood, the General Manager of Mecalac North America, emphasizes the AT1050’s mission to redefine job site capabilities with one multifaceted machine, highlighting its adaptability, stability, and mobility.

Eco-friendly and Powerful: AT1050’s Engine Excellence
With a Tier IV Final 75-hp engine equipped with a DOC emissions control system, the AT1050 excels in performance without the need for DPF or DEF fluid, minimizing maintenance and ensuring continuous operation across multiple users.

Designed for Optimal Operational Range and Visibility
The AT1050 is not just powerful but also user-friendly, offering a lifting height of 15 ft. 2 in. and a reach of 9 ft. 9 in., alongside a lift capacity exceeding 3 tons. Its monoboom structure provides unobstructed views, while the panoramic roof and extensive windows ensure operators have a broad visual of the job site.

Mecalac’s Commitment to Robust, User-Friendly Machinery
Peter Bigwood underscores Mecalac’s dedication to creating durable, straightforward, and maintenance-easy machines like the AT1050, designed to optimize on-site performance and profitability for various industries.

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