New designs and choices brought by JCB’s 16C-1, 18Z-1 and 19C-1 mini excavators

JCB has unveiled a new line-up of mini excavators, including the company’s first zero-tailplane. From 1.6 metric tons (1.76 metric tons) to 1.8 metric tons (2 metric tons) , the new 16c-1,18z-1 and 19c-1 cars use 100 percent steel bodies, improved protection for hydraulic cylinders and hoses, and a swinging counterweight.

Jessup calls the traditional 16c-1 tail fin a “Rental property,”and says the car has both a stationary and a retractable chassis with a width of 980-1,330 mm (38.5-52 inches) . The 18z-1, JCB’s first-ever zero-tail-pendulum 1.7-ton (1.9-metric-ton) excavator, says it “Aims to meet challenging requirements”of “All industries”with the final lineup being 19c-1, jessup says it’s a great model for the lineup. The engine and design of all three new excavators are powered by a 16.3 HP PAT Perkins engine that spans the rear of the machine to optimize weight distribution. Jessup says each machine features improved stability and visibility. With the exception of the 16c-1 landing gear option, each machine has a standard design for shared landing gear, which JCB says is designed to extend the life of components, with sloping crawler legs that reduce material retention, and it’s easier to clean machines in the workplace.

Short Pitch Rubber tracks come standard on each machine with steel tracks being an available option. These machines also have an improved design of bulldozer blades. The new blade features easy-to-install bulldozer wings and provides increased elevation and selection criteria for bulldozer weapons or longer. The new machine features a four-plate arm and bucket design with three arm lengths available: 950 mm (37 inches) , 1,100 mm (43 inches) and 1,344 mm (53 inches) . The main boom is 1800 mm (71 inches) long. Hydraulic quick connections are a viable option, but only on the 19c-1.

The CAB is comfortable inside these new machines, and the operator will find a roomier cab that is 24 percent larger than the previous mini excavator, JCB said. The machines are also equipped with redesigned crawler levers with t-bar controls, like those found on the company’s large excavators, and a new switchgear and instrumentation. Additional pedals are a viable option. The 19c-1 features a stationary keyboard and a syringe.

Meanwhile, the swing control and auxiliary equipment are integrated into the machine’s right-handed joystick to increase the floor space. Electronic proportional control auxiliaries are also standard on the 19c-1. Push-button activation is another option for the 19c-1, and the “Follow me home”work light, says JCB, “Allows the operator to leave the machine and reach a safe distance from the excavator before dimming.”

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