Wholesale IHI (IHISCE) CL35 Front Idler Compact Track Loader Parts

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Item Info:

  • Product Apply To: IHI (IHISCE) CL35
  • Product Brand: FL
  • Original Product Brand: IHI (IHISCE)
  • Original Brand Owner: IHI Corporation
  • Reference Part No.: 0651914UA, F60305600, UX098Z0S, 0652809UA, F60305800, UX051Z3D


  • Lifetime Lubrication
  • Outstanding Wear Resistance
  • Great Structural Support
  • Resist To Deformation
  • Warranty 24 Months

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IHI (IHISCE) Brand Brief:

IHI is an industrial equipment brand belongs to IHI Corporation (IHI, Kabushiki-gaisha IHI), which formerly known as Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. IHI Corporation is a Japanese engineering corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Company produces and offers ships, space launch vehicles, aircraft engines, marine diesel engines, gas turbines, gas engines, railway systems, turbochargers for automobiles, plant engineering, industrial machinery, power station boilers and other facilities, suspension bridges and other structures. IHI is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Section 1.

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