To America, Idlers for Kubota KX71, Bottom Rollers for Kubota KX057 KX040 U35 KX121-3 and Sprockets Dispatched

We are excited to announce the shipment of essential excavator components to America today.This consignment includes Kubota KX71 Idlers, Sprockets, and KX057 KX040 U35 KX121-3 Bottom Rollers, key elements for robust excavator performance.America thriving construction market has shown a surge in demand for reliable machinery parts to support their growing infrastructure projects.

The shipped Kubota KX71 Idlers are meticulously crafted to ensure optimal performance across varied terrains, meeting the specific needs of the USA construction sector. Additionally, the Sprockets and KX057 KX040 U35 KX121-3 Bottom Rollers, designed for durability and efficiency, aim to enhance the operational reliability of excavators in the dynamic USA market.

This dispatch reaffirms our commitment to meeting the evolving requirements of USA construction industry and strengthening our partnership with the country’s development endeavors.

Fulian Operation Team


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