To America, Idlers for Kubota KX71, Bottom Rollers for Kubota KX057 KX040 U35 KX121-3 and Sprockets Dispatched

We’re proud to announce that today a pivotal shipment leaves our production facility, destined for the vibrant American construction sector. It is packed with the highly anticipated Kubota KX71 Idlers, a selection of robust Sprockets, and the meticulously designed Bottom Rollers for Kubota models KX057, KX040, U35, and KX121-3. These components represent our dedication to manufacturing dependability, crafted to meet the burgeoning demand from America’s expanding infrastructure projects.

This consignment’s journey from concept to completion has showcased the exceptional dedication of each department within our company. The design team worked alongside customer feedback to tailor these components for the varied demands of American terrains and construction requirements. Our Kubota KX71 Idlers and Sprockets, along with the Bottom Rollers for other models, embody our commitment to providing durable and efficient solutions for our partners abroad.

Our adept production team transformed these designs into tangible, high-quality products. Each component was manufactured with precision, upholding our promise of longevity and reliability. In ensuring quality, our quality assurance department conducted extensive trials, simulating the rigorous conditions these parts will encounter in their service life.

Our logistics department undertook the complex task of arranging the transcontinental shipment of these components to America. They navigated the intricate web of international trade laws and shipping routes, ascertaining that our products arrive on time and in impeccable condition.

Securing this significant order from America entailed a harmonious collaboration between our sales, customer service, and marketing teams. They cultivated a strong rapport with our American clients through transparent and informative communication, addressing their concerns and guaranteeing that our products are not only of high quality but also offer a compelling value proposition.

Furthermore, this shipment is not just a fulfillment of an order; it’s an affirmation of our investment in the American market’s potential and a testament to our global outreach capabilities. It is an outcome of the collective excellence of our team’s hard work, each stringing together their expertise to navigate through complex negotiations to understand and satisfy the customer’s nuanced requirements fully.

As these parts cross the ocean to the dynamic landscapes of America, they carry with them our aspirations to be at the forefront of the construction industry’s needs, contributing to the edification of tomorrow’s structures. Today, we celebrate not only a successful consignment but also the shared efforts of our team, whose unwavering commitment has fortified our global stature as a trusted partner in the construction machinery industry.

Fulian Operation Team


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