To America, Sprockets for Kubota SVL75 and Kubota KX91-2 and Idlers for Kubota KX91-2 Shipped

We’re excited to announce a recent shipment of high-quality undercarriage parts that have successfully reached our clients in the United States. Our company, a leading provider in the excavator undercarriage market, furthered its global reach by delivering essential components for the Kubota SVL75 and Kubota KX91-2 models, specifically a batch of Sprockets and Idlers.

Our parts have carved a niche for themselves, thanks to the precise engineering and significant durability that is expected from heavy machinery parts. These particular sprockets and idlers have been crafted to meet and surpass OEM standards, ensuring they fit seamlessly and perform optimally under rugged work conditions.

The Sprockets for the Kubota SVL75 and KX91-2, known for their stout and sturdy build, are designed to offer maximum engagement with tracks, preventing slippage and promoting efficient energy transfer from the excavator motor to the tracks. By utilizing top-grade materials and advanced manufacturing processes, these parts promise longevity and relentless performance.

Alongside the sprockets, we also shipped Kubota KX91-2 compatible Idlers. Renowned for their role in maintaining the proper track tension, these idlers are pivotal in preventing track displacement – a common issue that can cause unscheduled downtimes. The idlers we’ve dispatched are engineered to uphold tension standards and resist the wear and tear of everyday construction environments.

Our swift service ensures that the components arrive in impeccable condition, ready for immediate use upon receiving. We understand the urgency of keeping your excavation equipment operational; regional distributors will have the parts available without unnecessary delays. This empowers operators to swiftly replace their worn-out parts with our premium quality sprockets and idlers, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Our commitment goes beyond just providing parts. We’re dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of your machinery, and through our parts, we aim to extend the operational life of your excavators. With this successful shipment, we not only deliver on our promise of excellence but also solidify our reputation in the international market as a reliable supplier of top-tier undercarriage components.

We take pride in contributing to the smooth running of construction and excavation projects worldwide. This delivery to the USA is yet another stepping stone in our mission to bolster the operational capacity of excavators everywhere with our dependable and superior-undercarriage parts.

We’re here to support the industry’s need for high-quality excavator undercarriage components. Operators looking to achieve a more reliable and durable service life from their equipment will find that our sprockets and idlers exemplify the commitment to excellence that our company stands for.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to expand our reach and bring robust solutions to the challenges of heavy machinery operations. Your success is the driving force behind our continuous innovation and outstanding customer service. Thank you for trusting us to keep your operations digging deeper, reaching farther, and executing projects with unmatched precision.

Fulian Operation Team


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