To Belgium, Track Rollers for Bobcat T180 and Idlers for Bobcat T250 and Sprockets for Bobcat T200 Delivered

In a remarkable stride towards global partnerships, today, a consignment of top-tier excavator undercarriage components has embarked on a journey from China to Belgium. This shipment includes Track Rollers for Bobcat’s T180, Idlers for T250, and Sprockets for the T200 model.

The arduous voyage spans thousands of miles, crossing continents and traversing various terrains to ensure the safe and timely delivery of these essential components to our valued partners in Belgium. This intricate logistical process involves coordination across multiple transport modes, including sea and land, emphasizing our dedication to fulfilling orders irrespective of geographical challenges.

As these precision-engineered parts make their way to Belgium, overcoming the hurdles of international shipping, they carry not just the reliability of the Bobcat brand but also the testament to the robust collaboration between our factory and our Belgian counterparts. This shipment signifies more than a transaction; it symbolizes the resilience and commitment embedded in our global supply chain, ensuring that even in the face of adversity, quality excavator components reach our customers, fortifying the excavator landscape in Belgium.

Fulian Operation Team


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