To Guyana, Sprockets and Steel Track Groups for Daewoo Doosan DX55 Sent

We are thrilled to announce the successful shipment of our premium excavator undercarriage parts, particularly the Daewoo Doosan DX55 Sprockets and Steel Track Groups, to Guyana. This significant export marks another milestone in our ongoing initiative to provide dependable, robust, and industry-ranked undercarriage parts to the global market.

Our excavator sprockets and steel track groups are designed to withstand tough environments and prolong the service life of the machines. Crafted to deliver optimal performance, these parts can ensure seamless operations for any demanding construction projects.

In today’s shipment to Guyana, the set of Daewoo Doosan DX55 Sprockets and Steel Track Groups were specially selected for our customers. The Doosan DX55 Sprockets are highly recognized for their compact build yet powerful operational capacity. They guarantee smooth rotation, reducing friction, and hence, minimizing the wear and tear that leads to costly downtimes.

As for the Steel Track Groups, the durable links and resilient track shoes serve as ideal replacements for worn-out undercarriage parts. Built to resist bending and breaking, our steel track groups can navigate the roughest terrains – a much-needed durability for the varied landscapes in Guyana.

This shipment extends our footprint and strengthens our commitment to support construction advancements in Guyana. We understand the challenges operators face in the field and strive to deliver high-quality parts that outlast these hurdles.

As we mark this exciting event, we want to commend our diligent team whose expertise ensures the quality control and swift dispatch operations that our clients trust. Moreover, we extend our appreciation to our business partners in Guyana for their continued trust and collaboration, allowing us to fulfill their equipment needs with prompt and seamless service.

Moving forward, we reaffirm our commitment to providing consistent quality, value and service to our customers both locally and internationally, creating solid partnerships for many years to come.

Fulian Operation Team


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