To Japan, Track Groups for Komatsu PC30-6 and Top Rollers for IHI (IHISCE) IHI30 and Track Rollers for Kubota KH30 and Sprockets for Kubota KH35 Shipped

In a significant shipment today, a variety of excavator undercarriage components have been dispatched from China to Japan. This diverse assortment includes precision-engineered Track Groups designed for the robust Komatsu PC30-6 model, as well as TOP ROLLER for the IHI IHI30, Track Rollers tailored for the Kubota KH30, and Sprockets crafted specifically for the Kubota KH35.

The inclusion of components for renowned brands such as Komatsu, IHI, and Kubota underscores our commitment to providing a comprehensive range of undercarriage solutions for various excavator models. The dispatch to Japan, a market known for its high standards and technological sophistication, reflects our dedication to meeting the specific demands of discerning customers.

This shipment not only represents a transaction but signifies the global synergy in the field of heavy machinery. By supplying components for these prominent brands, we aim to contribute to the efficiency and longevity of excavators operating in Japan. This shipment marks another milestone in our mission to cater to the diverse needs of the international construction equipment market.

Fulian Operation Team


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