To Laos, Bottom Rollers for Hitachi ZX17U Delivered

Laos’ construction industry is poised for a new leap forward, with a batch of bottom rollers designed specifically for Hitachi ZX17U excavators shipped from China. The arrival of the shipment highlights China’s role as a key supplier to Laos’ growing excavator market, which is crucial for the country’s infrastructure development.

With many years of experience and excellent quality in the export of excavator chassis parts, our factory contributes a number of carefully designed and manufactured bottom roller products to the Lao market. As the Lao state continues to invest in infrastructure, the demand for efficient and durable construction equipment is steadily increasing. Our Hitachi ZX17U excavator bottom rollers are a key component in maintaining the operational integrity of excavators and are critical for engineering projects ranging from road construction to urban development.

The strength of the Lao excavator market lies in the continuous demand for high-quality chassis accessories to sustain the use of high-strength machines in challenging work environments. This Chinese delivery allows Lao construction companies to gain greater assurance in the performance and longevity of their mechanical fleets, enabling Laos to advance its development goals with greater momentum.

Our factory has not only many years of experience in the sales of excavator chassis parts, but also has superb manufacturing process and continuous innovation. Our base rollers are known for their unique design, excellent durability and unwavering performance, setting the benchmark in the international construction equipment accessories market. In order to meet the special needs of overseas markets such as Laos, we constantly optimize product design to ensure that our components can adapt to a variety of demanding construction conditions, and help customers improve operational efficiency and reduce operating costs. With the successful delivery of this batch of bottom rollers, we look forward to establishing a long-term and solid cooperative relationship with our partners in Laos to jointly participate in and promote the country’s infrastructure construction.”

Fulian Operation Team


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