To New Zealand, Sprockets for Yanmar B27 Dispatched

At a time when the New Zealand excavator market is becoming increasingly competitive, we ushered in a strategic action – a batch of advanced Yanmar B27 excavator sprockets made in China were successfully sent to New Zealand. They arrive at just the right time, at a time when efficiency and reliability are a critical watershed for competition.

These newly arrived sprockets, built with precision technology, are destined to improve the operational efficiency of excavators. Their robust design ensures a smoother and more reliable chain connection, which translates directly into faster and more stable digging operations. For local construction companies, this upgrade is critical as they seek to increase productivity while minimizing downtime.

Unlike other brands, these sprockets are made of high-strength, wear-resistant materials, ensuring a longer service life and minimal maintenance needs. The attention to quality and detail during production means that New Zealand excavator operators can expect better performance on a wider range of more challenging terrain-setting the bar higher for chassis components.

To ensure these quality sprockets are quickly and widely accepted by the market, our marketing and customer service teams are working closely with local construction and engineering firms in New Zealand to provide the necessary technical support and services. Our goal is not only to meet the current needs, but also to establish the image of a long-term partner in the minds of customers. We are confident that the high performance and excellent durability of these sprockets will be a highlight of the New Zealand market, encouraging customers to quickly repeat orders and driving the continued popularity of our products in the market.

We look forward to seeing you experience the changes brought about by this new batch of sprockets and witness with us how they are driving progress and growth in the New Zealand construction industry. With the successful completion of each project, they demonstrate the value of our commitment and the strength of our brand, and we expect that these successful cases will form a solid foundation for our future cooperation.”

Fulian Operation Team


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