To New Zealand, Track Groups, Sprockets and Idlers for Hitachi ZX200-1 Dispatched

Today, our esteemed company is pleased to announce a new milestone in our international trade achievements. We have successfully dispatched an essential batch of excavator undercarriage components, including sprockets, idlers, and track groups specifically designed for the Hitachi ZX200-1 model, all the way to our valued customers in New Zealand. Our commitment to distributing premium quality construction machinery parts is once again exemplified through this consignment.

Our resolve to be the beacon of excellence in distributing premier construction machinery parts stands reinforced with each consignment we fulfill. The path to consummating this intricate transaction was not merely a commercial endeavor but a journey of symbiotic partnership and mutual growth. Our dedicated team demonstrated an exceptional level of engagement and resourcefulness, meticulously delving into the intricate needs and unique specifications articulated by our partners in New Zealand. The task at hand entailed a holistic navigation through the layered complexity of their requirements, coupled with the orchestration of multifaceted logistical plans across challenging geographical divides.

Despite confronting a diverse array of hurdles, our determination remained unshakable. Adherence to stringent quality control protocols and precision in the execution of delivery commitments reflect the essence of our brand’s integrity. Our diligence illustrates our unwavering dedication—not only to the caliber of the products we supply but also to the trust we aim to cultivate through enduring international partnerships.

The journey to finalizing this trade was marked by extensive collaboration and perseverance. Our team invested substantial effort in understanding the precise needs and expectations of our New Zealand partner, often navigating through complex requirement assortments and challenging logistical arrangements due to geographical distance. Despite these obstacles, we remained steadfast in ensuring the highest standards of product quality and delivery accuracy, reflecting our unwavering dedication to fostering lasting international partnerships. Today, we celebrate not just the successful shipment, but also the enduring trade connections we have enhanced with this endeavor.

Fulian Operation Team


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