To Republic of Lithuania, Top Rollers for Hanix H75B and Idlers for Kubota KX41 Shipped

Embarking on a journey from China, a shipment of excavator undercarriage components, including idlers for Kubota KX41 and Top Rollers for Hanix H75B, is en route to the Republic of Lithuania. This venture marks a pivotal moment in our commitment to supplying quality components to the global market.

The logistical route undertaken is a testament to our dedication to efficient and secure transportation. Covering thousands of kilometers, this shipment traverses multiple borders, ensuring the timely and safe arrival of our products in Lithuania. The careful planning of this transportation route underscores our commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction.

As our components make this extensive journey, we anticipate their arrival in Lithuania to enhance the performance of Kubota and Hanix excavators. This shipment not only symbolizes a transaction but a bridge connecting Chinese manufacturing excellence with the excavation needs of our partners in the Republic of Lithuania.

Fulian Operation Team


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