To Russia, Bottom Rollers for Bobcat T180 X331 Delivered

A significant milestone unfolds as we dispatch a shipment of excavator undercarriage components today, destined for Russia. This consignment includes specially crafted Bottom Rollers designed for Bobcat T180 and X331 models, reflecting our commitment to delivering tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of the Russian excavator market.

The choice of Bobcat, a brand known for rugged performance, underscores our dedication to supplying components that match the robust requirements of the Russian excavation industry. The shipment represents not only a transaction but a strategic move to contribute to the efficiency and reliability of excavator operations in Russia.

As we forge this international connection, we envision our Bottom Rollers seamlessly integrating with Bobcat machines in Russia, contributing to smoother excavations and bolstering the capabilities of our Russian partners. This shipment signifies the beginning of a fruitful collaboration, and we look forward to further empowering the Russian excavator market with our high-quality undercarriage components.

Fulian Operation Team


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