To Russia, Bottom Rollers for Takeuchi TL130 and Sprockets Delivered

Exciting news! Today, a shipment of top-notch excavator undercarriage components, including Bottom Rollers and Sprockets tailored for Takeuchi TL130, left our facilities in China destined for Russia. This marks a significant stride in our collaboration with our esteemed Russian partners.

The successful execution of this shipment underscores the result of meticulous negotiations and a shared commitment to excellence. Our dedication to providing high-quality excavator parts aligns seamlessly with the specifications required by our Russian clients. Through transparent communication and a joint focus on superior performance, we’ve not only fulfilled an order but established the foundation for a robust, enduring partnership.

This shipment is more than a delivery; it symbolizes the beginning of a long-term alliance founded on trust, dependability, and a mutual pursuit of excellence in the excavator industry. We anticipate continued collaboration and are confident that our precision-engineered components will enhance excavation projects in Russia.

Fulian Operation Team


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