JCB launches new 50z-1 compact excavator with zero tail swing

JCB has expanded the range of its compact excavator through the zero tail pendulum 50z-1, increasing the excavation depth to 12 feet and 7 inches, and the dumping height is 14 feet higher than that of its predecessor 48Z.

“The 50z-1 is a low-cost multifunctional machine, making it the perfect solution for contractors, gardeners, owner operators and leasing companies,” said Chris Lucas, product manager of JCB North America excavator.

50z-1 adopts 100% steel fuselage and zero tail pendulum design, which can realize power and control in a narrow space.

“It’s perfect for everything from architecture, landscaping and utility work to highways and residential buildings,” Lucas said.

Easy to use

The company said that like JCB’s large X-Series excavators, the 50z-1 has a new 7-inch color display and a car style rotary dial for screen navigation to access a large number of systems and information.

The operator can set programmable auxiliary hydraulic flow for up to 10 accessories from the cab. The 50z-1 provides access to key machine information and operations through double lock hydraulic quick connect and tool selection, making accessory replacement easier. The screen is also part of the machine safety system with a new visual lifting overload warning.

According to the company, the cab on the 50z-1 is designed for operator comfort, floor area and reducing noise and vibration. The redesigned tracking pedal has auxiliary and cantilever swing control on the joystick, leaving a clean and flat floor and sufficient legroom in the air-conditioned cab. In addition to the new display, the 50z-1 also includes a new hands-free Bluetooth radio, an auxiliary socket and a 12V charger.

Cost effectiveness

JCB said that the 50z-1 was designed to minimize operating costs.

The 50z-1 is equipped with a 43.3 HP engine. The company said that the engine provides programmable automatic idle, automatic engine stop and four different engine modes to reduce the overall fuel consumption.

In terms of maintenance, the first turn button automatically pops up the screen health check. JCB adds easy access to daily inspection points, makes the H-frame chassis easier to clean, and increases the lubrication interval to 500 hours to help improve productivity and reduce downtime.

The company also includes a five-year JCB LIVELINK contract as a standard to help monitor the fleet at the touch of a button.

Quick specification

  • Machine weight: 10583 lbs
  • Maximum excavation depth: 12 feet 7 inches
  • Maximum range: 19 feet 8 inches
  • Dump height: 14 feet
  • Engine power: 43.3 HP
  • Bucket tear force: 8542 LB ft

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